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The Central New York Chapter of the Jaguar Club of North America (JCNA)

Welcome to the website for Jaguar automobile enthusiasts in Central New York.  We all love our "cats from Coventry" and want other owners to join in the fun our club is enjoying.  Members live throughout Central New York from Rochester to Syracuse to Albany and up to the North Country, down throughout the Finger Lakes and into the Southern Tier.  We are constantly expanding and improving our activities to appeal to all owners of our exceptional breed of cars designed for the discerning owner.   If you own either a classic or a modern day Jaguar, or want to own one and get to know what they are like, we welcome you!   Please contact us to join the fun!

To view our most recent Newsletter - The Kitty Letter - just click on the link below

Read Prior Kitty Letters - Just click on the link below

Officers and Directors of our Club

President: Vars Smith

Vice-President: Paul Chappell

Secretary: Linda Dafoe

Treasurer & Membership Chair: Michele Ball

Club Newsletter Editor: Ellie Chappell Hall

Director of Club Regalia: Paul Chappell

Director of Inter-Club Relationships: Bill Licker

Director of Slalom (JCNA sanctioned): Jeff Dafoe

Director of Winter Gatherings: Lela (Lee) Lapinsky

Advertising Coordinator: Brian Prosser

Directors at Large:  Jeff Berry, John Duncan, Don Hartill, Ric Pettit, Fran Riter



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